Planet Communication operates on the international and Italian market since 1997. Currently our group is present with staff, resources and facilities of their own.

In Italy, at the headquarters in Milan, we have our own high level hardware infrastructure, constantly updated, in order to allow to manage huge volumes of phone traffic on all main lines of international traffic, to ensure the best possible quality of the service we offer.


• 1 redundant platform that can handle up to 960 contemporary communication.


Word- wide patent in the telefonicom financial area.
The platform APREC place itself as the perfect solution for phone operators and MUNO.


Security Kryptoline

Use a Communication phone card is not only a different, more economical and versatile way to benefit from telephone services, but also a powerful tool, constantly evolving and growing, that provides the end user, business or private that is, a multiplicity of options, additional services, management tools or promotion difficult to achieve with traditional systems.

for Companies
Cost Control:

the flexibility offered by the use of prepaid cards allows companies to equip their staff away on business with an effective and economical way to communicate wherever they are and from any phone. Avoid the costs of purchasing and managing maintenance of a park phones, allows you to plan in advance the budgets for the different types of employees and the actual necessity of use.

Focused Traffic :
You can buy the cards enabled for a precise and predetermined traffic type or for a predetermined guideline. With the certainty to buy the traffic from and to a specific nation with the best market conditions.
Advertising :
Besides the traditional visual advertisements on the front of the card, you can insert a short Prompter (voice message) that reminds the user the name of who gave the paper.
Loyalty: :
It’s possible to offer the card recharge associating it with specific customer behavior. Frequency or mount purchases, discount coupons converted in telephone traffic and more.
for Private
- What do you want is the certainty of being able to call abroad at any time of year, paying a rate appreciably competitive with reference to any tariff plan offered by national operators.

- For all those foreign communities residing in Italy, which require a steady and economical contact with their home country.

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